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David Dempster

“There has been a decline in music-making. The days of singing around the piano are virtually gone, replaced by television, video games and the internet. This situation has been made worse in recent years by huge cuts in the funding of music education. A whole generation is being denied the rich experience of making music.
I want to open up the world of music-making to anyone who wants it.”
— David Dempster

The Dempster Music™ was created by David Dempster. This unique method of learning embodies David’s strengths in music, teaching and storytelling. The result is a method that teaches the real fundamentals of music while taking the student on a lively and entertaining journey of discovery.

David lives and breathes music. Spend any amount of time with David and you will likely hear him humming a tune or burst out singing a bit of a symphony.

David learned to read music when he was four years old while taking piano lessons from Mr Ingram in Perth, Scotland.

Because he learned to read music fluently, it was easy for David to go on to play other instruments: clarinet, violin, and recorder. It also enabled him to create and conduct several choirs, orchestras and operas. He has experienced a lifetime of music-making.

David gets a thrill when he hears from his students who are now playing and singing music instead of just listening to it. That’s why he created his home study course Read & Play Music, the first course of the Dempster Method of Music™.

David leads a colourful life as musician, choir director, writer, storyteller, mathematician, mountaineer and world traveller.

Who was David Dempster?

David Dempster was born and raised in Scotland and lived in England and then landed in the US. He started learning to read music at the age of four, then went on to play the recorder at 7 and then at 9 took up the clarinet.

While living in London as an adult he conducted a choir and orchestra; founded "Mister Dempster's Musick", a group who performed Baroque music ( from the 17th & 18th centuries). As a clarinetist, his main love was chamber music. His favorite composers were Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart.

“Some people seem to be working at creating a bad, scary world. Open a newspaper, turn on the TV, and you are bombarded with bad news.

But musicians are not doing that. We are spreading beauty and joy. We are good people! We make the world a better place.

Musicians all over the world, regardless of what type of music they play and sing, regardless of whether they are professional or not, have a common bond in their love and practice of music. We are a kind of group.

Come and join our group.”

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