I am truly happy that I had the privilege and pleasure to take this course. Every lesson felt like it had been created with the sole intent of making my learning experience easier. Not to mention how fun it is to spend time going over what seems to be a random string of notes to then suddenly realize you are playing a tune. It was these little moments that makes this course truly Enjoyable and really ignited my passion for playing the piano. You see I had attempted many times to learn how to read sheet music but it was with this course that I actually had wins and stuck through what it. I think this is owed to the care and attentiveness that author David Demptser put into the book. His attention to detail and smooth gradient of difficulty ensures that anyone can effortlessly glide through the course and have success while doing so. To put it all simply I don’t think I would still be playing today if I hadn’t started this course. I had an interest, and this turned into a passion. Thank you David for spreading the joy of creativity and making something that allows anyone to play beautiful music with ease.
QG age 16
I have had a great time working on this course. It makes the information so easy to understand and comprehend. With every lesson I finish the more I can play. This is a really great course.
NN age 16
I now have an understanding of music nomenclature. I can apply it to sight read scores. This means I can identify notes on a staff and how they correspond to the keys on a piano. I can identify time signatures and length of notes.
JL age 18
I have always looked at piano players in awe. The effortlessness of the playing makes it look very easy. To me it was not easy. Even after trying to start a few times, it was not easy. After starting Davu’s Musician Maker Course I had visible improvements Even after a couple of months, my skills were the best they had ever been. I was sight reading songs and playing Basic songs. Now after doing this course for about a year, I am able to play just about any Song I want. My competence continues to grow the more I study the course.
RP age 17

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