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It was written for students ages 13 and up. A younger reading age child could be coached by a parent at home. This course is not just for someone who wants to be a pianist. It provides a grounding in the essential elements of music, invaluable for someone going on to play any instrument or sing.

This is the best possible course for a beginner because right from the start you’ll be reading the notes and playing them on your piano. You need no prior experience of reading music or playing an instrument.

You will need a piano or keyboard. Keyboards are great for the simple reason you can plug in headphones as needed. While bringing music into your home is wonderful most days, there are times that headphones are useful!

Most lessons are broken down into three parts:

  1. Main Lesson in Music Theory
  2. Exercises of that skill
  3. Tunes and parts of songs.

Your user licence allows you to print one copy of each lesson for your personal use. It is recommended to read the Music Theory Lesson on your computer and just print the exercises and tunes to play on your piano keyboard.

Yes! You can be a hands off parent for this course. This is designed for a self-studier and is all encompassing with audios and videos to supplement the lesson in Book 1.

Book 1 has 22 lessons + final tune book and glossary

Book 2 has 21 lessons + final tune book and
combined glossary
Book 3 has 50 lessons + final tune book and
combined glossary

Book 4 has 30 lessons + final tune book and
combined glossary

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